Digital Photo Basics

    Intended as a standalone primer for users of the Photo Collection unversed in digital photography, this presentation is a guide to successfully working with and understanding digital photographs from the collection.

Information-Seeking Behaviors of Biographers

      This presentation is a short survey of the methodology and results of a human information-seeking behavior study that I completed with graduate school colleagues.

(NOTE: The Literature Review, Survey Results and the Demographic slide are my contribution.)

Metadata Basics

    This presentation is an introduction to metadata and its use in digital libraries and archives.

Facet Modules for Drupal

    This presentation is an instructional presentation on installing and configuring a Drupal module for faceted content browsing.

Metadata for Comics

    Building metadata for comics collections is notoriously complicated. All the issues related to series cataloging and all the issues related to the cataloging of graphic materials wrapped up in ephemeral little packages. This presentation is an accompaniment to my practicum work, which makes the case for incorporating crowdsourced metadata into pre-existing standards and frameworks.